Michael Maisonville is a married father of two living in Alberta, Canada. His wife, Michelle, went on a mission trip to Rwanda and Kenya in 2013 with Home of Hope. Mike has decided to undertake the same mission in May 2015. Follow his journey and support him here.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Tupperware Fundraiser

Just a reminder, the Tupperware fundraiser is still on-going.  It ends June 20, 2014 and is Canada-wide.  Learn more here.  Again, thank you to Tasha Hart for her help in this endeavor!

If you look to the left of the blog, you will see the fundraising "thermometer" we have added to help you visualize where we are at with our goal.  $4000 needs to be raised.  This is an estimate we have received from Home of Hope and may change slightly as the trip comes closer.  The total depends on fees for flights, lodging, etc.  We appreciate any donation and your prayers as well.  While there is a year to fund raise, it would be best to not leave it until the last minute.  Michelle's goal was reached literally within hours of the due date.  A deposit also has to be sent to Home of Hope several months ahead of time.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

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