Michael Maisonville is a married father of two living in Alberta, Canada. His wife, Michelle, went on a mission trip to Rwanda and Kenya in 2013 with Home of Hope. Mike has decided to undertake the same mission in May 2015. Follow his journey and support him here.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Journey to My Journey Begins!

Well, my children just returned from a two week hiatus with their grandparents. I missed them tremendously and I was so happy to see them yesterday. Now that they are back I can set my sights firmly on this mission trip.

I have thought about this trip every day since I decided to go. My heart beats a little faster when I do think of it. It's time to put some serious effort into planning and fundraising. I will be calling on you all for some assistance in this. Yes, I am asking for monetary donations to help get me there, but I am also asking for prayers and ideas.

Perhaps you can all help me by doing two things. If you have the means to donate to this cause by way of a financial contribution, you can click on one of the icons to the right. When you donate, don't forget to put "Michael Maisonville - May 2015" in the notes. Second, if you have any unique ideas on how I could raise funds, I would appreciate any suggestions you have. You can e-mail me at michael.maisonville@gmail.com or message me on Facebook. My wife, Michelle, is going to set up a Facebook page for me to share information and fund raise.

I'm not normally one to ask for money or anything else from people, but when it comes to helping others, I'm not too proud to ask for help myself. Not all my blog posts will be about fundraising, but they will probably mention it. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to aid in this journey to my journey.

God Bless!

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